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Philanthropist, entrepreneur, and ‘resident troublemaker’ Coleman Fung has never been one to be confined by the status quo. After pushing the boundaries of innovation and engineering with the successful establishment of the Fung Institute for Engineering Leadership in 2010, Coleman was once again ready to rework the Cal student experience.

With Coleman’s vision for revolutionizing undergraduate education, the Fung Fellowship for Wellness and Technology Innovation launched in fall of 2016, in collaboration with the School of Public Health and College of Engineering. Coleman sought to create an undergraduate program that embodies the real world and engages students to drive their learning opportunities.

The Fellowship offers a sustained health + tech experience with students working in interdisciplinary teams alongside community and industry partners. Throughout the Fellowship, Fellows develop as leaders and innovators as they design breakthrough technology solutions to society’s most pressing health and wellness challenges.

Our Founding Principles:

  • Diversity:
    We seek diversity in our Fellows to spark new insights and innovations.
  • Student Engagement:
    Extending beyond the typical flipped classroom structure, our Fellows co-design the Fellowship experience.
  • Collaboration:
    Fellows learn, grow, and work as members of teams.
  • Real World Experience:
    Fellows address public health challenges and tech projects that are of importance to our community and industry partners.

Our Two-Year Fellowship Model:

Coleman Fung with his dog
Coleman Fung and PearlInspired the Fung Fellowship for Wellness and Technology Innovations which launched in fall 2016.
Student Driven LearningGoing beyond the typical flipped classroom model, the Fellowship simulates real life and allows Fellows to co-design their experience.
Teamwork in ActionFellows work on diverse teams in an environment that encourages collaboration, exploration, and risk-taking.

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