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Student Leadership Team

The Student Leadership Board amplifies fellows’ feedback, leads events and initiatives, and works to drive the program to truly co-design the fellowship experience. Each lead takes on a specific area of the program and works closely with the wider fellow community and staff to drive strategy and programming.

Headshot of Natalie Martinez

Fellowship Liaison: Natalie Martinez (Conservation + Tech)

Headshot of Annesha Ghosh

Curriculum + Project Lead for Conservation Track: Annesha Ghosh (Conservation + Tech)

Headshot of Katie Kenny

Curriculum + Project Lead for Health Track: Katie Kenny (Health + Tech)

Headshot of Tavleen Bhatia

Recruitment Lead: Tavleen Bhatia (Health + Tech)

Headshot of Yessenia Reynoso

Social Chair: Yessenya Reynoso Rodriguez (Health + Tech)

Headshot of Shreya Aviri

Alumni Co-Lead: Shreya Aviri (Conservation + Tech)

Headshot of Jenny Lu

Alumni Co-Lead: Jenny Lu (Health + Tech)

Headshot of Kira Wiesinger

Professional Development Lead: Kira Wiesinger (Conservation + Tech)


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