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Donate to the Fung Fellowship

The Fung Fellowship offers a new model of discovery education inspiring students to develop solutions to real-world challenges.

Offering technology and entrepreneurship training for undergraduates from across the UCB campus, we engage students who are often underrepresented in these fields, including women, first-generation college students and students of color. We seek donations to provide diversity and inclusion programming for these Fung Fellows including professional development, mentorship, internship, and leadership opportunities.

Why diversity & inclusion?

We support equity of opportunity on the UCB campus by seeking out and engaging students who are often overlooked by tech entrepreneurship programs.

Our current cohort includes 59% women, 33% first generation college students, and 15% U.S. Veterans. We understand that it is not enough to achieve diversity in numbers.

We also need to support the full inclusion of diverse students, facilitated by building a strong community and providing additional support and resources to our students.


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