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Co-create your experience and go beyond grades

Innovation in Wellness and Technology

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Fung Fellow! As a Fellow you will have access to leaders and opportunities in design, public health, and tech. Not only will you gain skills and real world experience in these fields, you will make a real impact in communities for real people.


Our Two-Year Fellowship Model

The Fung Fellowship 2018-2019 applications are currently closed.



Explore the Public Health Landscape

  • Learn about emerging technologies
  • Participate in human centered design challenges


Experience the Product Development Cycle

  • Move from prototyping to launching ventures
  • Engage in the rich Bay Area innovations eco-system


Embed in Community Organizations

  • Dive into customer groups, employ user experience, & co-design methods
  • Apply community research to develop concepts

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s a unique health and wellness innovations program that teaches the skills you need to be an entrepreneur and change-maker in the health + tech space. It’s a program that is grounded in industry partnerships, community collaborations, and valuing the unique skills that each Fellow brings.

We are accepting applications from rising juniors (Class of 2020) at Cal, providing the opportunity to participate in the year-long program, as well as an honors program for seniors.

Yes, we accept transfer students into our program.

Yes! The Fung Fellowship is a partnership program with strong ties to Public Health and Engineering, however, it also lets you apply skills you’ve developed from any major–whether it be a business, math, rhetoric, or biology program. Think beyond the major to what you really want to do. Do you like helping people? Do you want to learn the skills to start a business, work on a team with diverse students, and gain new perspectives? Do you value health and wellness? Are you interested in emerging tech? Then you’re in the right place.

We’re really looking for student engagement. The first year is a way to get your feet wet; learn the key principles of teaming, human-centered design, public health, emerging technology, and professional development. The second year is for Fung Fellows who want to take these skills to the next level and commit to a one year Venture Lab with partnering organizations.

Second year spots are not guaranteed–all Fellows will need to apply to the second honors year of the program.

You get 3 units each semester from the School of Public Health. The units go toward any degree, though it may not meet specific requirements for your major. In addition to that, you have access to experts in the field, opportunities for internships and conferences, and extra academic and professional support.

That’s alright, most of our students don’t! We teach you the skills and provide the exposure you need to work in successful teams and directly with emerging tech. This is not a program to transform you into a programmer or engineer, but leverage skillsets across student teams to develop impactful solutions to address public health challenges.

Most of our students don’t! We will teach you the skills you and provide the exposure you need to apply a public health framework and work with community organizations.

We love English majors! Donovan Blount, one of our featured Fellows, is an English major.

We also love architecture majors! Ian Erickson is one and he’s doing some great work. We’re going to post an article soon on that.

Without going too deep, the program covers topics such as user interaction, rapid prototyping, customer need-finding, and human-centered design best practices. There’s a range of changing technical topics that keep our students on the cutting edge of technology. Students with all backgrounds learn to work in teams in an evolving innovations space.

I’m sorry, but this program isn’t for you. Please consult the advisors at your university to learn about programs like ours in your ecosystem.

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