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Honors Program

Empowering the next generation of impact-driven leaders

The Honors Program is an opportunity for fellows to deepen their engagement with community and industry partners, continue their skill development in leadership and human-centered design, broaden their network, and access personalized professional support and resources. Students further engage in the design process and product development by continuing to work on a concept from the first year fellowship experience, a new venture, or a new project pitched by a partner organization. The emphasis in the Honors Program is less on in-class lectures and more on independent team activities resembling an innovation lab structure. Honors fellows are supported as teams and individuals in their leadership development as they prepare to take what they’ve learned beyond UC Berkeley. 

Qualifications & Requirements:

  • Registered student at UC Berkeley
  • Only open to fellows who completed the first year of the fellowship in good standing
  • We are currently not accepting applications for the 2023-24 academic year.

Sample Year-long Projects:

Honors fellows have the opportunity to work on their own venture or on a project with a partner organization and form their own teams based on interest and diverse representation of team members.

Elder Care Alliance
Elder Care Alliance
Adapt answered the call to action to create backup Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) through creating a Playbook for Elder Care Alliance to mobilize volunteers to sew DIY gowns and detail the sourcing process & strategy for other facilities.
UC Berkeley’s EECS Department
UC Berkeley’s EECS Department
Loop aimed to address the communication gap between students and faculty to create a more inclusive environment through a Virtual Office Hour Queue and Chatbot to connect students to the best on-campus resources.
Fung x Bitmark created a multi-pronged platform including user education, better consent & incentives, and researcher resources that supports a world where individuals own their own data and research institutions connect with individuals to access and incevitize their data access.

“I grew as a leader through my Honors Experience in many ways–I am more assertive in meetings, can put together a presentation like that, know more about the financial and business aspects of an organization, have experience working on a team and with client management, and have fine-tuned my technical skills.” – Nicole Anyanwu, B.S. Molecular Environmental Biology (MEB) ‘21

Meet the Honors Fellows

The honors program enables fellows to continue their application in the design and innovation  space, as they dive deeper into human-centered design projects.


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